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A Good Jumpstart: The How’s and Why’s to Downtown Miami Condo Investments

The Greater Downtown Miami area has become the home for many notable cultural, financial and commercial hubs in South Florida. With the latest mass construction of high-rise residential buildings like condominiums and office towers, the urban residential Greater Downtown Miami neighborhoods known locally as Downtown Miami, Brickell, Edgewater, and Midtown, have transformed into one of the fastest-growing areas in Miami. It’s become home to people moving in a plethora of different careers since the area is the central business district of Miami, Miami-Dade County, and South Florida with major corporate head offices, theatres, shops, banks, museums, parks and education center situated. And with the recent note-takings on the number of people moving in this neighborhood every month; why wait for a good fortune to come when considering a Greater Downtown Miami Condos investment could be a lifetime opportunity you should not miss? Making an investment to one of the condominiums in areas with such high deman can bring you solid returns. If you think the investment process to undertake is difficult, try these simple steps on how to buy a condo unit for your future investment. 

  •  You can start by picking a realtor who can take you to check out the available condos and guide you through the entire process. Miami Condos specializes in helping Buyers locate the best opportunities for their condo investment. It is important that during your hunt for the best condo, your financing is already set. If you are planning to use a loan for your investment, make sure you have a loan preapproval letter and that the lender is aware that you’re going to buy a condo for investment purposes. If not, the seller will likely not accept your offer.

  • Once you found your prospect property, inquire about the availability of comparable rentals and the proportions of rented units to the owner-occupied units. This is essential because it will determine how stable the condominium is for your investment.

  •  Get a copy of the homeowner’s association agreement and the CCRs (covenants, conditions, and restrictions). This could help you recognize certain factors that could affect your future tenants and your bottom line.

  •  Calculate the realistic annual income considering the annual expenses from owning a unit. Buyers of condo units own a space inside a condominium while the common exterior spaces are shared. When you buy a condo unit in Downtown Miami, the size of your share and its maintenance cost usually depends on the unit’s size. Aside from the maintenance cost, some other important expenses to deduct from rent revenue include property taxes and home insurance.

  •  Determine if you’ll be able to get a monthly cash flow from renting out the unit based on the figures as you also consider the tax advantages and the resale value. If the cashflow numbers are close, consult with your accountant for the profitability potentials of your unit.

  •  Do an evaluation and assessment with the condominium to check on its condition and its accessibility to important roadways.

  • Work with your realtor to compose an offer contingent on a professional inspection, and financing if applicable, and if this is accepted, have a licensed inspector assess the structure and important electrical and mechanical systems of the condo unit that includes water heater, furnace, air conditioning unit and plumbing.

  • When your condo purchase is ready to close, make sure to do a final walkthrough inspection of the premises prior to closing.

Compared to a traditional property investment, condos are an excellent asset in popular neighborhoods like Downtown Miami and Brickell since the demand for rental properties is high, and resale values are continuously increasing. If you want to maximize the profitability of your personal unit, you can always count on transforming your personal condo space into an income-producing property by renting it out to tenants in areas with such high demand. Since people’s standards of living has increased and is now aiming for a more sophisticated lifestyle that pays off the full efforts they exert in their jobs; offering them a rental opportunity in your condominium you invested in the Greater Downtown Miami area, could quench their thirst for comfort living with style within the busy area of Miami. Aside from the modern design of the condos, they will certainly enjoy the many amenities the condos in Miami provide to residents such as pools, health and fitness gyms and restaurants. And in terms of privacy and security, rest assured that most of the new high-rises in Miami offer high-tech surveillance with 24/7 security to ensure the safety of the residents. Keep in mind, when choosing your tenants, you must choose them carefully. Tenants must obey the homeowner’s association rules implemented. As an investor-buyer, see to it that your tenants fully understand those rules – particularly when it comes to bringing pets along, as well as parking rules which are the common issues often encountered.

As your tenants enjoy their stay in your rented condo space in Miami, you as well can benefit from your decision in investing in condos. Because of the high demand, when you decide to purchase a Miami Condos investment, there’s an assurance that your condo purchase will be a sound investment. Contact Miami Condos to help your with your condo purchase.

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